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Original Music & Collaborations



Mr.3 Organ Trio  (Demo)


A London born jazz, Groovin, Latin trio with an eye into retro Italian and Brazilian tunes. 


Active from 2006


Joining the trio:



Sam Gamberini

Bill Mudge

Phil Wilkinson

Pete Whittaker



Gianluca Corona

Francesco Lo Castro

Nigel Price

Luca Tozzi


Frank Corallini                                  





Let the grace flow


Mellow and up-lifting spiritual songs

Voices & Guitar:

​Joty Graziano, Francesco Corallini, Luisa Del Vento, Rafa Marchante


​Back Vocals:

Pa Malang Fatti, Luisa Del Vento, Anna, Anto, Sankari, Aruna, Sarah Webb, Anandi , Tara

Acoustic, digital instruments and arrangement:

Francesco Corallini (Chaitanya)


Art by Nisachar - One with nature

Recorded at Chaitanya Studio (London 2012)

Full CD:



Parallel universes


This is a concert / recording which took place in Rome at the recording studio Hemiola in January 2012. And 'the meeting between musical worlds of three musicians from different geographical areas: Jan Rzwesky, son of Art, is a saxophonist who lives and works in Belgium, Francesco Corallini of Roman origin but resident in London since 1996 and Fabio Sartori who lives in Rome.


The song titles were awarded in post-production and the choice was suggested by the atmosphere and the sounds created. The single condition that we set a priori was the title, Parallel Universes, a prelude to the meeting and idea around which you created the event.


Jan Rzwesky: soprano sax

Fabio Sartori: piano

Francesco Corallini: drums


Recorded at the studio Hemiola of Rome 2012Live shooting of Paul Fontana.Mix and audio editing Fabio Sartori.

Full CD:




A young, multi-ethnic band playing contemporary Arabic music spiced with South London flavours. Led by master Moroccan Oud player Soufian Saihi, Karama take the sound of North Africa and give it a 21stCentury imprint.

Soufian Saihi - Oud

Guillaume Burguez - Sitar

Haruna Kamatsu - Clarinet

Hayden Prosser - bass

Francesco Corallini - Percussion

Recorded at Vestry Hall studio - London 2011

Full CD:

​Her Crystal Circle


New healing sounds by the unique combination between Crystal and Tibetan singing Bowls with Indian Bansuri Flute, Voices, Piano, etc. World, New Age and Jazz artists circled around sound therapist Rachelle Rodrigues

Rachelle Rodrigues: Tibetan and Crystal bowls                     Dorian Ford: Piano

Etienne Lauth Suryaneel: Bansuri flute

Omkara Lauren piazza : Voice and piano

Laurent Danis: Guitar

Daniele Muto: Synthesizer

Gautam Boon Higashino: Bass

Chaitanya Francesco Corallini: Percussion

Art: Joty Graziano

Recorded in London and Rome 2009

​Full CD:

City Zen


This a miraculous project started in 2007 from the idea of arranging and playing traditional ethnic music from all around the world. Tunes that have been playing for ages, sung or played from ancient times. We adapted and played them in a jazz manner. Music from: Japan, Morocco, Irish folk songs, Indian chants and beyond.


Fabio Sartori: Piano

Boon Higashino: Double bass

Francesco Corallini : Drums


and with:


Clara Calderale : Voice

Silvia De Maria: Viola Da Gamba


Art: Chaitanya

Recorded in Italy 2007

Full CD:

Wild World WIld


​100% Organic Afro-Brazilian Groove, uplifting, energetic & hypnotic beats from the heart of Brixton to Here & Now.


Idris Raman: Tenor sax & flute

Dan Hewson: Trombone

Jonny Phillips: Guitar

Lisa Sian: Bass

Francesco Corallini: Drums & percussion



Recorded in London 2004

Full CD:

London Latin Jazz Ensemble


​My first recording.

An everlasting connection between Brazil & Italy.


Marcelo da silva Andrade: Flute , sax

Mark Bassey : Trombone

Neil Anglilley: Piano

Oroh Angiama: Bass

Francesco Cotrallini: Drums

Vito Cascella: Percussion


Recorded in London at Westar Studio 1998

Full CD on Sound Cloud


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