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Drum kit and percussion tuitions

Classes available at your home,​ workplace or school and one to one tuitions or​  workshop for all ages and levels, covering the majority of styles ; Jazz, Rock, Latin, Afrobeat, Funk. Pop.

"I'm a very experienced solid drummer with a natural feel. I've been playing and teaching drums for many years and still have the same enthusiasm. My students can expect a teacher who is reliable, hard working and passionate about music and teaching his skills to others. Also I make sure that my students feel inspired and motivated by my enthusiasm especially when I give a practical demonstration of what they can achieve when they focus on practicing."


Teaching experience includes:​​​


“TARU PROJECT”, Workshops for primary schools,


“Branded Show” Old Vic Theatre, Music assistant, 


“Guildhall School of Music and Drama Assistant 

Summer school


Escuela Municipal De La Corunia”, GSMD Assistant Seminar  

“Music Works School”, Drum Tuition



​Workshop leader:

''I had the need to create a highly creative workshop, born out of the inspiration to give everyone interested in playing an instrument, a very direct way into experiencing the music.”

​'The Organic Jam' is a studio space created with the vision of offering people the possibility of sharing an easy and joyful musical experience. Everybody has a natural sense of rhythm and musical capacity and this is a playground for you to discover your own. 

The Jam starts with an interactive rhythm warm up workshop where the participants discover the natural capacity of their body to act as percussion, and how to improvise rhythms with kitchen utensils or traditional percussion instruments. The evening is open to all those wanting to explore and share sounds, rhythms and vocal expression; a musical background is not essential. Participants are invited to bring their own percussion instrument or utensil. 

The workshop is then followed by an open and spontaneous jam session or an occasional concert. Drum kit, microphones and PA system are provided. Carioca Organic Jam is open for you to come and enjoy a space of creative sharing playing, singing and dancing.

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